TP-Link AX 1500

NetGear’s one-touch setup had our tech reviewers giddy. After fumbling with some of the Wi-Fi extenders that didn’t even make the list, the ease of set-up for the NetGear Mesh was a breath of fresh air.

In addition to easy setup, the NetGear Mesh was reliable and offers 2000 sq. ft of coverage and a whopping 32 devices can be connected. The download speeds seemed fast and we didn’t have any glitches while gaming.

Another element we like to test when doing reviews is the company's customer service. I guess with an easy set-up, NetGear Mesh thought they could save on customer support because responses were slow and not really helpful.

Also, the NetGear Mesh has small antennas and the swivel is not great. We did have it crash once, and the antenna positions may have been the cause of that. Overall, a fairly decent product.